Plant 3D Branch editor basics


A part of Plant 3D that is normally overlooked in the Spec Editor, is the Branch Table editor.

As you can see in the branch table below,

This can get quite complicated.







So, why do we even have a branch table?

The quick and easy version is that the branch table tells plant how the pipes will split off, when either Teeing off or joining into a pipe,

it also, how it handles changes in diameter in pipe sizes,

Will the branching pipe just Tee off? Pipes of the same size.

Will it have a reducing Tee? these can be expensive in projects.

Or a normal Tee and then a Reducer, these are generally cheaper than reducing tees but cost more in space and work.

Even being able to Stub-in to a pipe.


Looking at the branch table,

The Horizontal line represents the Header (Normally the Main/larger pipe)

The Vertical line represents the Branching line (Normally a Secondary/Smaller line)

The Legend is a representation of these branching connection to make it easier for us to map the connections.

If these need to be added to or edited, you can select the Edit legend.






In the Branch Table we have quite a lot of options, but it is simple if we just break it down,

Part Type – what the connection between the two pipes are.

Spec Part – From what size to what size of pipe should this connection be the default option.

Add Reducer – Tick this to automatically insert a reducer if required.

Legend Symbol – This is the identifier that will be displayed on the branch table and Legend.

Legend Name – A description of the branch displayed on the Legend.

Add or Remove new connections.


Branch table options

We can change the display name on the Horizontal and Vertical.

Add Notes to the Legend for further information and its location.

How/what the table will display.

Select OK when done.






To use adjust a branch, double click an intersection on the table.

The Select Branch List menu pops up.

Select which branch to enable for this connection.

Set the priority, this will determine which component comes first.

Select OK when done.







This may take a while but once you are done configuring the table, you will be able to route pipe faster with fewer modifications.