Plant 3D – Changing BOM display in ISOs


In a previous project, I was asked to simplify the Bill of Materials (BOM) on the ISOs,

this was due to the enormous amount of data that the ISOs generally pull though,

they were also more interested in the high level information.


To do this in your own ISOs, if you want to change or reorder some of the information being generated in the bill of materials,

You can do so by going into the Project setup menu,

Under Isometric DWG Settings > Title Block and Display > Setup Title Block…

Select the Setup Title Block… button.




















Once the drawing template opens,

Select the Table Setup on the ribbon.

If the Column is already active and you wish to turn it off or on,

You can just check its box,

Otherwise, if you want to insert other data, select the Add Column button…




















When the Select Class Property menu pops up,

Select the item Class that contains the details you want to display,

Then select the Property and then once you have what you require,

Select OK.












Back in the Table Setup menu,

The new column should now be visible,

make sure to check the Show Column box,

then click OK.

















The Bill Of Materials now displays the new column of information

in this case, I swapped out the normal full Description for the Short Description,

this can help make the bill of materials less verbose.





In the end you can customise these fields,

to give you almost any data referenced in the ISO itself.