Plant 3D – Creating a pipe socket using an Olet

Had a query about inserting a female threaded socket into a pipe,

We can normally get this functionality using a nipple and that is quite easy to create and insert,

though the person specifically wanted a socket,

specifically, for using the sockets female thread for male threaded instruments.

this functionality can be achieved using an Olet

These will work very much like normal olets and need to be added add configured using the spec editor and the catalogs,

Firstly, we need to open the spec editor and create a new part.

I used the details below as an example as it seems to address our needs.

















Once created fill in the following details most importantly,

the port connections, for ports 1 and 2, ISO symbol type and ISO symbol SKEY,














Once these have been filled in,

we can then jump to the Sizes tab.

we must create a separate socket size for each pipe size and socket size that will be used,

this can be quite a daunting task as each size you add drastically increases the amounts of information do you have to insert,

you will have to fill in the pipe information, normally in port 1,

and then the socket information normally in port 2,

then, in the size parameters, fill in both details in relation to both port and the pipe.















once you have filled in all the socket and pipe data,

you can then add this to any spec of your choice,

though it will still have to have matching pressure class and end connections.

once the spec is updated, it should be available under the olets section of the tool pallet.

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