Plant 3D – Fixed Length of pipe

When we are designing in plant 3D, one thing we should probably bear in mind,
is that most pipe comes in lengths and require welding between those lengths.
If done right, you can then estimate the complexity and amount of welding that needs to be done.

To add these welds in, we have two main options,
Either Right Click on a pipe then select Add Weld to Pipe.
Though this can be rather tedious.












To make our lives easier, we can add a Fixed Length to our pipe in the Spec Editor.
To enable this functionality is very easy and straight forward.
Open the Spec you use, or the Spec linked to your project,
Go to the Catalog Editor tab,
Find and select the pipe you want to add the fixed length to,
This must be done per size of pipe,
At the Fixed Length field, assign the correct length in millimetres.
Don’t forget to Save to Catalog.

Next Switch to the Spec Editor tab,
Navigate to the pipe in the spec, Right Click it and Select the Check for Updates from Catalogs,

Select Update Spec parts to match catalog parts.

When updated,
Double click the pipe and Edit Parts menu will open,
Navigate to the updated parts, Use fixed Length and tick the box.
Select OK,
Save the changes.

Back in Plant 3D,
Right click the Pipe Specs and select Check for Specs Updates.

Select Update pipe specs,
Check all updated parts boxes and select the Update Parts.

It should now add a weld and create a new section after the amount you specified.

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