Plant 3D – ISO Tab


One of the main reasons we use Plant 3D is to produce Iso metric pipe drawing,
If done correctly, we can automatically generate these ISOs directly from the 3D model piping.
To get an overview of what is available,
We can look at the ISO tab.





The First panel, Iso Creation, as its name suggests, is for the creation of the ISOs themselves,
Quick Iso, allows us to create an Iso like a preview from either a selection or group.
Production Iso allows us to create the final isos when we are ready, it is best to do this from our pipe groups.
PCF to Iso allows us to create Iso files from other programs or PCF files we saved out.


The Iso Annotations panel allows us to add additional information to our drawings, this helps clarify our ISOs and how they tie into the real world.
Reference Dimension will give us the ability to create a dimension from our Pipe ISO to another fixed object, like a wall or steelwork.
ISO Message, simply creates an editable message at a location on the ISO,
Floor Symbol lets us show where our pipe will pass through the flooring,
Flow Arrow shows what is the direction of the process flow.
Insulation Symbol shows any insulation/cladding on the pipe.
Location Point lets us set a location point where we want to on a pipe.
Start Point and Break Point helps us define how and where the ISO lines will start and end.
PCF Export lets us publish a PCF, to convert to an ISO later or use in another program.