Plant 3D – Item image in tool palettes


When we start customising or Plant 3d, P&ID environment,

You have probably noticed that when you add new items to the P&ID tool palettes,

That they seem to be very dull and any colour probably has been removed.

This is very prevalent in Pipe and Instrument Lines.


The line I have marked below is a Magenta process line,

Though as you can see, it has no colour…

This can make our lives difficult if we have several of these lines.

















To fix this is simple, though a bit of a tangent.

We firstly need an image editor,

preferably one that supports transparency (an Alpha Layer)

This is due to all the icons in the tool palettes are small picture snapshots of the components.

We can edit and replace these images with new, updated versions.

I am using GIMP from Blender, though most others should be capable of doing some basic editing.

If you want to start from scratch,

Make the image size 64 x 64 pixels and have a transparent background.











Once we have our image,

Right click on the image of the item in the tool palette,

Then select Properties

















In the Tool Properties menu,

Right click on the Image,

Select Specify image,






Now we can use the Browse buttons and brows to where the image is located.

Note that there are two options, one for a light theme and one for a dark.

If you wanted to, you could create two different images.









Select OK and OK on the next menu,

The Icon should now be changed.