Plant 3D – Using Navisworks for Review

One of the major reasons I use Navisworks on projects,
is to communicate design ideas and changes,
This is useful as a Navisworks NWD is a fraction of the size of a full plant project and comes with several useful features.
If there are any views saved, you can go to the Viewpoint Tab > Save, Load & Playback panel,
Expand the drop down to view any saved views and select the one you are interested in.

The view will jump to the saved view,
Any changes to the viewport, such as zooming or panning, will hide any notations.


To create one of these viewpoints

We just need move our view to look at a point we are interested in,

Then click the Save Viewport button.

This then opens the Saved Viewpoints window and we can rename our saved Viewpoint for later use.

If you want to add some mark ups or comments,
Go to the Review Tab and you can use the Redline and Tags panels to annotate your model,
If you add a tag, you can add comments, like querying items or just information.
Note that any of these will create a new Viewpoint.

If you want to view any comments,
Select the View Comments and the comments window pops up and displays any comments to be reviewed.
To answer or add further comments, Right click and select Add Comment in the comments window.

You can then add any comments you want to the view.
You can ship this model back and forth between users to add and review.

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