Plant 3D – Work History


In-plant 3D, if you are not using management software such as Autodesk vault,

there is a built-in Work history system that can be used,

we can use this to keep track of a drawing status,

to Define if the drawing is a work in progress, For review, or even a custom company-specific status, Such as out for information Or quotation.

To enable this functionality is quite simple to do actually,

you need to go to your project setup, general settings, and in project details,

underwork history prompts there are three radial buttons,

the first will ask you to insert the status upon opening the drawing,

the second will ask you to insert it when closing the drawing,

and the last will not ask you for any information regarding its work history,




















to assign work history to a drawing,

in the project manager palette,

Select the work history button,

you should then see several fields is showing the dates modified, the user, and the related status.

To change the status, use the drop-down and select the relevant status,

You can also add some descriptions and details in the Notes field below.

if you need to you can add in a new status type, by selecting manage off the drop-down list,























The project status manager window should pop up,

in here you can add new statuses, rename existing statuses, or delete previous statuses

You can even create a field on your drawing sheet that references to the current drawing status,

this can help you automate some of your workflows.