Prepping an iPart for Content Centre Placement (Part 1)


I am going to show you how to create an ipart that is ready for content centre placement.

To create an ipart open the part that you would like to convert and click on the manage tab and select Create ipart.


The ipart Author dialog box opens and you will see in the window at the bottom that it has started to populate with the columns Member, Part Number and mdtd19.  The member and Part Number get automatically populated to differentiate between the different factory parts that get created.  The mdtd19 parameter gets populated because it is a renamed parameter.   To create additional Members, right-click on the first row and select Insert Row.  We will be adding 4 rows as we will be having 4 different configurations  of this part in this ipart.




We will be using the ID and OD (model parameter I renamed) and change those to create the different types of parts within the ipart.   I have renamed the model parameters as it is much easier to see a renamed model or user parameter,which you can also make a key (this helps with filtering) as d0,d1,d2 etc which is the default naming convention for parameters in Inventor can get quite confusing.

To include that as part of the driving factor in the table below, select ID and OD at 1, and then click on the arrow pointing right at 2, and you will see the two columns in 3.

The original ID was 22mm and the OD was 32.5mm.

I have added 20, 24 and 26 as additional ID’s and 30.5, 34.5 and 36.5 as additional OD’s.


For those of you who like to work in Excel, you will be glad to know  that you are able to manipulate and adjust the values in an excel spreadsheet as well.