Publishing an ipart for Content Centre Placement (Part 2)

There is nothing more that we would like to manipulate with regards to the iPart before we publish it into the Content Centre.

Before the part is published we need to make sure that we have a read/write library configured for the project that we are working in.



Once we have verified the read/write library, we can then publish the iPart file.

To publish the file go to the Manage tab on the ribbon and on the far right hand side you will see the Content Center panel.  Click on the Publish Part button to start the process.


First select the Library that you want to publish the part to(this is the read/write library we created).


Click on next and select the category (is it a nut, is it a bolt) that you would like to publish to.


Click on next twice and then select ID and OD and make sure that it is sitting in the right column.


Next fill in the family descriptions for the component before you publish it into the Content Center.


Click on next, and you will see an preview of the part as it would look in the Comtent Center as well as being able to load an alternative Thumbnail image.


Open up an assembly to test if the part has been successfully published.

Select Place from Content Center and browse to the category where you published the part.



You can now see that we have successfully published and inserted the iPart that we have created.


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