Revit 2018 Link Coordination Model


Revit 2018 has a new link format: Navisworks (what this implies is that even 3rd party vendor models may now be imported into Revit). However I am going to investigate how I can bring a DWG file that is too heavy for my machine to handle into Revit.

I have a file that I created in AutoCAD that is too large (63 MB) for my system to handle natively in AutoCAD 2018. Similarly, I am unable to link it into Revit. So instead I open it in Navisworks. Automatically now an NWC file is created in the same directory.

Not it is easy to navigate this much compressed and lightened file in Navisworks. Great!

But how is Revit 2018 going to function when I bring this in as a Coordination Model Link? It can handle either an NWC or and NWD file.

After choosing one of the two positioning options (Origin to Origin & Shared Coordinates), click “Add”.

Then click “OK”. Note the NWC file is only 16 MB (the DWG file was 63MB)

Clearly the AutoCAD layers that were white (black) are not showing up on the default white background of Revit.

The issue can’t be fixed by applying visibility graphics as one does not have access to any of the sub components. The only override available is whether or not to make the model transparent.

If these lines need to be seen then either change them at the source or alternatively set the background colour of Revit to black.

The Steering Wheel may be used to navigate the model.

Unfortunately one is unable to select any items within the Coordination Model, so one is very limited except for using the model for context or reverse engineering. This is true for both the NWC and NWD files.