Saving AutoCAD Data into A360


Up until June/July 2018 it was possible to automatically synchronise your AutoCAD data into your A360 drive account through an app termed Desktop Connector.

This was very convenient as you would not have to remember to save both DWG file to the local desktop as well as to the cloud.

One does not have that luxury anymore.  Autodesk has discontinued the Desktop app but you are still able to save your drawings to the cloud in a different manner.

The first is straight from within AutoCAD.  You have an option to save directly into the cloud using the “Save As – Drawing to AutoCAD Web and Mobile” command.

The following dialog box highlights the folders that have already been created in your A360 account.

If you would like a new folder to be created you need to first open A360 from within your internet browser and create the new folder.

The drawings in the cloud can be opened directly from within AutoCAD.

The second option you have to save your DWG files into the cloud is by logging into your account in your internet browser and then either clicking on upload or dragging and dropping the files you want straight onto the folder in your A360 account.

You might think that it was easier with the desktop connector but there was one major flaw that I experienced, and that was to do with space.  Most computers now come with a primary SSD drive and a secondary SATA (data) drive. Because the bigger SSD’s are so expensive we found that space could be an issue and unfortunately the Desktop Connector would not allow for the data being synchronised to be saved on the secondary drive.

I hope this helps clear up some of the different ways to save and open drawings from the cloud straight from AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.