Setting up a Vault Data Standard


Vault Data Standard is created as an add-in in AutoCAD, Inventor and the Vault Client.  When creating and saving parts in Inventor and AutoCAD Vault Data Standards jumps in and automates the process of inserting data for iproperties as well as selecting a folder (that already exists in the Vault) and then checking it into the Vault, all in one smooth operation.

Did you know that the Vault client is also able to create not only folders but also files straight from the Vault.  No need to open Inventor, AutoCAD or even Word or Excel to create these files. But how you might add?

When you install Vault Data Standards you will notice a new command – New Standard File.  This brings up the dialog box in the image below.  Once you have selected your category you then have the option to select a document type. As a Default you can select an AutoCAD, Inventor or an Office document.  If you select any of these with the straight Vault Data Standards install you will get a notification that there are no templates defined and you need to set it up.   Now you might think that this will involve a whole bunch of coding but, in fact it is very simple.

Create a folder named Templates as per the below image and create 3 folders named AutoCAD, Inventor and Office.

Save the templates that you would use for you Inventor, AutoCAD Excel or Word into those individual folders and when you create a new file they will populate according to what Document type you have selected.