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When you created your first AutoCAD drawing, it gave you a feeling of achievement.  You created your blocks and inserted them where needed, you created and modified your layers, getting that perfect shade of blue that you wanted for that specific line and the spacing in your linetype was perfect when printing it on your layout.

That being said you started your second drawing and that sense of achievement slowly drained down to your toes….where are your layers and why is that color black and not blue???

Do not fear, this is simply because your templates have not been setup.  If you have not had the time to setup your templates, the AutoCAD Design Center has your back.  This lovely little interface allows browsing to your first drawing and pulling out the resources that you so lovingly inserted and allows it to be used in your new drawing.

To find the Design Center select the View Tab in AutoCAD and select the Design Center button on the palettes toolbar.  Alternatively, type in DESIGN-CENTER or ADCENTER to bring up the Design Center Tool Palette.

Once this is done in the left hand browser, navigate to that magnificent first drawing you created and select it.

After selecting the drawing you will have access to the following objects that have been utilised in that first AutoCAD drawing you created.

  • Blocks
  • DetailViewStyles
  • DimStyles
  • Layers
  • Layouts
  • Linetypes
  • Multileaderstyles
  • SectionViewStyles
  • Tablestyles
  • Textstyles
  • Visualstyles
  • Xrefs

Everything in this list can then be dragged and dropped (including that precious blue layer you were so proud of) and utilised in your second drawing.



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