Your Autodesk Subscription Benefits


Switch to Autodesk Subscription

With many companies switching from perpetual to subscription licenses, it will be necessary for their Autodesk Account managers to learn how to administer the software.

There are many more questions and are addressed through the Autodesk Website detailing the subscription offering:

Autodesk, Subscription Benefits

Although it is a very detailed web page, there is a lot to scroll through (giving one a good overview). My advice: Use the menu as it provides easy navigation.

Autodesk, Subscription Benefits

If you are the Autodesk Account Manager, this is the perfect resource for you. Typically the Autodesk Account Manager is the person within your company that controls access to subscription software and services.

  • Gone are the days you have to worry about stolen software.
  • Control the rights of your subscription. It is easy to remove access in case of your laptop or desktop being stolen or broken.
  • There may be certain individuals in your company that are highly qualified and need to use infinite computing on the cloud to do renders, structural analysis, energy analysis or generate point clouds. Would you like a novice to consume cloud credits at 1$/Credit? If not, simply don’t give them access to this subscription service.
  • There are times you are burning the midnight oil to meet a deadline or something goes wrong over a weekend. You can now get help directly from Autodesk.

If you are not certain whether you need to (or should) switch then it may be a good idea also to consult the blogs of my colleagues regarding subscriptions: