Synchronise a Revit Perspective View with Lumion


Great care is sometimes taken in Revit to create perspective (camera) views. One might be interested to render in Revit or use Autodesk Cloud Rendering. As the camera views export to 3ds Max, this might even be important.

In the past, such perspective views could not be exported to Lumion though. Now, using the Lumion Live Link to Revit allows one to synchronize these perspective views such that one can render them in Lumion instead.

The process is relatively simple. Set up a perspective view in Revit and name it accordingly. Then start the Live link and synchronize the view you would like. If you change the view out with another, Lumion automatically adjusts. If you pan, walk, look around or orbit, Lumion again responds beautifully.

This is a great tool for visualization, and I hope you have much success with it. If you require Lumion for your practice, would like hardware or training, then let us know at Micrographics so we may be of assistance.