To iLogic or not to iLogic

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To iLogic or not to iLogic – that is the question.

Recently I got myself into a situation where I was given the opportunity to flaunt my awesome ilogic skills. Only problem: I had never used ilogic before. I have seen what it can do and the explosive power it packs and now I had to show off my skills in that regard.

I have always been a bit scared of ilogic as I see it as coding – or language – even. I have never been good at languages (7 years of isiXhosa and 5 years of Latin and I took out nothing) and so I reluctantly started delving into this world that I was not very comfortable in.

So, to start off, I got myself the ilogic essentials manual and started testing out the language of ilogic. The tutorials helped a lot and I soon found myself immersed in this fascinating world of (i)logic. This wasn’t so hard. Why was I so scared?

Things were going well (I was flying through the first half of the book) and then things started getting interesting. I was just dealing with parts and sketches and then they had to throw in assemblies and drawings. HELP!!!!

Anyways, please be prepared to take on this adventure with me as in the next tale I will be giving examples and showing you the answer to the below.

To iLogic or not to iLogic – that is the question.