Updating Spec in Plant 3D

When working in AutoCAD Plant 3D, using a Spec is a great way to automate how your pipes connect.  The spec when added to your project is also available on the tool palette for easy placement of your valves and any other inline equipment you may use.

What happens when your spec changes or you need to add to your spec? In this post I am going to demonstrate how.

In the Project Manager browser navigate to the Pipe Spec folder.

Expand the menu and right click on the spec to be changed.  Select edit spec.

The spec editor opens and you are able to insert additional components from a catalog to the spec that you are wanting to adjust.

In the middle right of the screen select open Catalog and browse to the Catalog where the extra components are that you would like to include in the Spec of your project.

Select the components in the bottom half of he dialog box and click on Add to Spec.  Save the spec.

Close the Spec editor and navigate back to AutoCAD Plant 3D.  Change the spec to any otherspec and then change it back to the spec that you have just modified.

This will then update the tool palette as well.

If by any chance the tool palette indicates that the symbol cannot be found you can do the following.  Change the spec to another and then back to the one that you are working with and if that does not work I suggest saving all your work and quitting Plant 3D and restarting.  It will then be visible again.

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