Updating Title Blocks in Inventor Drawing files

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So a big part of setting up your office is getting all your templates setup correctly to conform with the office standards.  One of these is being able to update your title block automatically.

Once you have created your title block you will then go about inserting your static text as well as your dynamic text which will change as the part or drawing properties change.

To edit or create a title block, expand the Drawing Resources folder and then expand the Title Blocks folder. You will see that there is an existing title block called ISO. If we right-click on the Title Blocks folder we get a right click button and are able to create a new Title Block. We are going to edit the existing Title Block by right clicking on the ISO and clicking on Edit.

Inventor Title Blocks 01

The sketch environment is activated and the title block can now be edited.

Inventor Title Blocks 02

You will see static text does not have brackets around the word. So above you see that ‘Designed by’ is static text (does not change) and Author is Dynamic.

To create dynamic text you activate the text command. Instead of typing in the text field you will bring in the properties from the model by doing the following.

  1. Select Properties – Model from the first drop down.
  2. Select which property in the second drop down menu.

Click on this insert button to insert the property into the text field.

Inventor Title Blocks 03

As you can see above you can bring in more than just the Author property that resides in the Model Properties.

Finish the sketch and save the changes you have made to the title block.

As you can see there are empty spaces under Designed by, Checked by and Approved by.

Inventor Title Blocks 04

Open the part file that you are going to detail. In the history browser of your part file, right click on the name and select iproperties. This is where the title block will be grabbing the information for the missing title block information.

Inventor Title Blocks 05

Let’s check that the title block updates correctly when we insert the parts into the drawing.

Inventor Title Blocks 06

They do. When you save the drawing you will also notice that the name of the part will also populate in the title block.

If you want to use the title block for more than one part and not have to go and create the title block every time, you can save the empty drawing (no views) with all the changes you made to the title block, as a template.

Inventor Title Blocks 07