Vault 2021 and Previous CAD versions


When working with any 3D design software it is always important to be aware of when to do an upgrade.  Upgrading your software in the middle of a project is always risky and you never know if the data might be corrupted or something might not work because a bug has not been identified.

Albeit, sometimes you might really need some of that functionality of a co-existing piece of software that would immensely improve the workflow.  For instance Vault Professional 2021 has the duplicate file search and maybe you have thought that it is about time that you start using that functionality.  The problem is that you are still halfway through a project working on Inventor 2021.  What now?

The good news is that you are able to work with the 2 previous versions of Inventor on the version of Vault that you are installing.  Below is the matrix on which versions of Inventor you can use with which versions of Vault.

  • Vault 2016 Server supports connections from Vault 2014, Vault 2015 and Vault 2016 Thick clients and Add-Ins.
  • Vault 2017 Server supports connections from Vault 2015*, Vault 2016, and Vault 2017 Thick clients and Add-Ins.
  • Vault 2018 Server supports connections from Vault 2016, Vault 2017, and Vault 2018 Thick clients and Add-Ins.
  • Vault 2019 Server supports connections from Vault 2017, Vault 2018, and Vault 2019 Thick clients and Add-Ins.
  • Vault 2020 Server supports connections from Vault 2018, Vault 2019, and Vault 2020 Thick clients and Add-Ins.
  • Vault 2021 Server supports connections from Vault 2019, Vault 2020, and Vault 2021 Thick clients and Add-Ins.

This information is very handy when planning your upgrades and making installations go as smoothly as possible.