Vault Copy Design – Part 1


Vault Copy Design in Inventor is very efficient but it does take a bit work upfront to get used to it.

To start the Copy Design right click on the assembly that you will be making a copy of and select Copy Design.









The Copy Design dialog box opens which looks like the below.

Customizing what information you see in the main panel makes for easier identification of what parts you are working on.  To add columns right-click anywhere on the main panel and select choose columns.  You will then drag and drop the columns into position.

To start the copying of an assembly or part, right-click on it and in the right-click menu that pops up select copy.  The name will highlight in bold and in the action column it will state copy.  The assembly or part will also have the pre-fix Copy of before the previous filename.





When you right click on the part or assembly there are a few options available to you.

Copy – This will make a copy of the part with the destination of the copied part in the same folder as the original component.

Copy To – This will make a copy of the part but will open up a dialog box with the folder directory of the Vault where you will choose where the copy will be saved.

Replace – This opens up the dialog box of the directory of Vault which allows you to browse to the part that will be replacing the part in your original assembly.

Exclude – The file selected will not be used in the new copy.

Reuse – This is used if you have selected a file to copy and then realise that it needs to be reused and not copied.