Vault Copy Design – Part 2

On the top panel selecting the drop-down arrow below the Vault icon gives you the following options.






Drawing View – Immediately what you will notice in the main panel is that the file tree will collapse and you will see any idw’s or dwg’s that are present in the original design.  These are not visible when the Drawing View is not checked.  By having Drawing View checked you are able to assign individual copy design actions to the drawings.

Select Reference – This allows you to copy individual references of a component. The default behaviour in copy design is to copy all the references.

Automatically Copy Parents – When you copy a component with this option checked Vault will automatically copy the parent.

Link Drawings and Model – Each drawing that is connected to the model that is being copied will be copied with the same name as the model and will be copied into the same folder location.

Action Rules – This allows you to set rules when a component is copied.  eg.  When a property has a certain value or does not have a certain value then an action must be applied to a property.

Numbering Schemes – This applies a numbering scheme that you have created in Vault to be applied to the copied components.

Panels –  Controls the visibility of the Actions, Folders, Numbering and Where Used panels.

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