Vault – Create Custom Revision Number


Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional has the ability to automatically and manually move the revision number for a part, assembly or drawing to the next stage be it a major or  minor revision bump.

To create your own Revision number format and scheme, select Tools, Administration and then Vault Settings.

Select the Behaviours Tab and click on Revisions.

When creating the revision scheme, you can either create one from scratch or modify an existing scheme that comes pre-populated in Vault.  Revision schemes can also be copied for modification if you do not want to modify and existing scheme.  If your colleague has created a revision scheme you can also import that from another system or text file. (.txt)

As you can see in the above image, you are able to name the scheme for easy identification.  Assigning a Category to the revision scheme allows for the revision scheme to be enabled on files that have been added to the Vault.  This does not just apply to Inventor files, it could be word documents as well if you so wish.

In the scheme details  – scheme values section, you will control what your delimiter is as well as the values for the primary, secondary and tertiary scheme format values.

The values for the scheme format is controlled/ edited on the Scheme format tab on the bottom right of the dialog box.

By selecting new you can add additional revision numbers.  for example AA,AB,AC etc.

Once this has been created you can add this value for either the primary, secondary or tertiary Scheme format as in the image below.