Vault Office Client


When you delve into the world of Autodesk Vault, you have many various options of access.

The Designers have full access to edit any and all documents at the Work in Progress stage of the lifecycle.

Reviewers have write access to pushing the design along to a Released state or back to a Work in Progress state and finally everyone has Read access to the files when the design has been Released to Manufacture.

The above mentioned lifecycle/workflow involves all types of files namely CAD (Inventor/AutoCAD)  and Office (Word/Excel).  If the user only needs to interact with Office documents is there a licensing option for that?  The answer – yes there is.

Vault Office is an additional product which can be purchased at a significantly reduced price (compared to Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional) which allows access to only non-CAD file and folder data management options.

Please note that the Vault Office client cannot be installed on the same workstation where a Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional client is installed.

Visually the interface for the Vault office client is exactly the same as Workgroup and Professional but the functionality is limited.

Some of the main tasks that users are able to perform using Vault Office can be found below.

CAD Files

  • Open CAD files as read-only
  • Edit non-CAD file properties
  • Edit folder properties
  • Attach non-CAD files to CAD files
  • Attach files to non-CAD files
  • Detach files from non-CAD files
  • Classify, categorize, change lifecycle definition, change state, and change revision on non-CAD files
  • Classify, categorize, change lifecycle definition, and change state on folders
  • Change state on CAD files


  • Read item details (Bill of Materials, etc.)
  • Change state on items


  • Read item details (Bill of Materials, etc.)
  • Change state on items

Change Order Tasks

  • Created, edit, and participate in Change Orders

If your company has decided that Vault is the way to go be smart.  Not everyone will need the full Vault.  Vault Office might just be the software that the user needs.