VR is here!!!!


Virtual Reality is here and it is here to stay. Both the Build and Manufacturing industry is in the process of a revolution and that revolution is VR.

Up until recently if you wanted to create any immersive VR you would need to purchase the hardware (Oculus or HTC Vive plus kickass computer) plus software that would allow you to create those worlds.  What did this mean to the average user?  Firstly it was quite expensive to get into VR as you had to purchase everything plus pay a guy to be able to program in software like Stingray.  All this makes the starting up costs of VR to be very expensive.

No More says Autodesk.   Autodesk has made the big leap and allowed the world to be able to create worlds in immersive VR without having to buy any additional software.   With the Collections that Autodesk offer they have given everyone the access they need to start on their journey into VR and the easiest way right now is Revit Live.   Previously you had to pay to get a license but now they have included the software in the AEC collections so you do not have an excuse not to VR if you have this collection of products.

The ease of use of this software is just a click of a button.  It uploads your model to the cloud, converts it and then hey presto you have your VR model.

Autodesk introduced a new product into their lineup.  3DS Max interactive.  They included this engine when 2018.3 was released.  This also gives you an in, into immersive VR.  It is a bit more complicated than Revit Live but with a few lessons, you could start making really awesome content to show your clients.

Whereas Revit Live is only available to the AEC collection, 3DS Max interactive is available in the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection so if you are in the manufacturing space and want to get your hands on VR you have the tools.

Well done Autodesk.  I cannot wait to see how you are going to make this technology grow and mature.