What’s the difference between Inventor LT vs Inventor


Autodesk released a limited edition of Inventor (Inventor LT) which allows you to start using the 3D modelling software without hurting your back pocket.   But you ask what has been stripped out of it?  First thing you need to know is that you cannot put together assemblies.  So if assemblies is an important part of your design process then unfortunately this is not for you.  They have also not included sheet metal which is also a major part of many manufacturing businesses.

So what do you get?  Most of the part and detailing functionality that Inventor currently has.  So if you just need to create libraries of parts that you use in your business then this is the perfect tool to get up and running until you get to the point when you want to populate your content centre and create assemblies and then you would have to upgrade to the full Inventor.  One thing you could do to simulate an “assembly” would be to use multi-body modelling.  This is not in fact a true assembly but if you had access to a full Inventor then you would be able to open your multi body part and convert that into an assembly.

In the above graphic I have highlighted what is included in the full Inventor and not Inventor LT on the 3D model ribbon

  • Explore – you cannot use the Shape Generator to enhance your design
  • Plastic Part design – You cannot automatically create Grill, Boss, Rest, Snap Fit, Rule Fillet and Lip features
  • Simulation – no stress analysis
  • Convert – No Sheetmetal capabiltities
  • Simplification – You cannot simplify your model to remove IP