What’s new AutoCAD 2021 – Drawing


AutoCAD keeps on impressing with the upgrades being implemented by Autodesk.  One of those upgrades is the Drawing History function which has been implemented in AutoCAD 2021.  Typically when trying to keep track of versions or revisions the designer would make a copy of and rename the file with Rev A, Rev B in the file name or maybe zip the file when it came to a point where a snapshot had to be made of the drawing currently being worked on.

AutoCAD 2021 now has the ability to track versions of the drawing (what has been modified since the last time you saved).  This is possible with the help of OneDrive, Dropbox or your Box account.

These versions do not exist indefinitely and the number of versions, as well as expiration dates, are managed through the above-mentioned cloud storage providers.  These cloud service providers maintain the version for about 30 days.

To start working with the Dropbox account first save your drawing into your dropbox account locally and allow it to sync to the cloud.  Once this is done an option will appear in the Drawing History Palette to sign into your online cloud storage account.

Once signed in you will need to give permissions for the two programs to talk.

Giving other users access to that drawing in dropbox will now start the version process.  You also do not have to review the most recent version, you are also able to review a version that was saved a week or two ago and compare how the drawing has progressed over time