What’s New Inventor 2016 – Interface

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Opening up Inventor 2016 for the first time we get a bit of a shock. It looks very different from 2015.


Inventor 2016 Interface 01

In the top left hand corner you have 2 different ways to access new files. Basic or Advanced.

To access the Basic options you click on the Basic column on the left hand side.

Inventor 2016 Interface 02

Basic gives you access to create a new Part, Assembly, Drawing and Presentation.

Inventor 2016 Interface 03

To access the advanced options you will click on the column on the right hand side.

Inventor 2016 Interface 04

Advanced gives you access to all the templates that you have created within Inventor.

Inventor 2016 Interface 05

Inventor 2016 Interface 06

To change the Default Template you click on the Configure Default Templates and setup the measurement units that that you want to work in. This is very similar to how 2015 functioned.

In the top right corner you have some reset and customization buttons for your Home interface

Inventor 2016 Interface 07

Flip puts New and Projects at the bottom of the page.

Inventor 2016 Interface 08

Maximise Recent opens up Recent Documents to cover the full page.

Inventor 2016 Interface 09

Reset sets the Home page back to New and Projects at the top of the Home page.

Inventor 2016 Interface 10

On the right of the Home Page you have information about your projects, Shortcuts and File Details.

When you click on the project in the left pane, the right pane will give you the following information

  • Name – Project Name
  • Type – Single User or Vault
  • Location – Location of the project file (.ipj)
  • Workspace – Where your workspace folder is located
  • Workgroup Search Paths – Where workgroup search paths are located for shared or semi-isolated projects
  • Libraries – Where your library component folders are situated
  • Frequently Used Subfolders – Folders that are situated under the Workspace folder that are accessed often

If you have the Open shortcuts using Windows Explorer box ticked then you will open any shortcuts you click on with Windows Explorer otherwise it is opened within the Inventor Open Dialog Box.

Inventor 2016 Interface 11

If you drag these 2 lines you can also resize the windows.

Inventor 2016 Interface 12

Inventor 2016 Interface 13

The last part of the Home page is the Recent Documents. Here you can have the files shown by either

  • Tiles, (see above)
  • Large icons or Small icons

Inventor 2016 Interface 14

  • List view

Inventor 2016 Interface 15

You can pin the file so that it does not get ‘bumped off’ the list. If it is unpinned, then it acts as a ‘revolving’ list of recent documents. When you open up a new drawing or part then the oldest unpinned drawing gets bumped off the list.

Inventor 2016 Interface 16

If you hover your cursor just to the left of the file location you will get a few options.

You can open the file

Inventor 2016 Interface 17

Remove the file from the pinned list

Inventor 2016 Interface 18

The actions you can take is the following.

Inventor 2016 Interface 19

You can also filter your Recent Documents with the following options.

  • Project
  • File Types
  • Sort By
  • Date Modified

Inventor 2016 Interface 20