What’s new Inventor 2018


So as the service packs and updates get rolled out for the Autodesk 2018 companies are now starting to install and test out their software.   So lets get to know what’s new in Inventor 2018.

Inventor has now included MBD.  Model Based Definition.  This allows you to detail in the model and then use the information for your downstream manufacturing processes.

As you can see you are able to do geometric annotation’s,general annotations as well as general notes.  You can then use it in your 2d drawings.  You can also export it to other CAD formats as well as 3D pdf.

A big improvement on the sheet metal side is the ability to have multi body sheet metal parts with differing sheet metal thicknesses.  This makes the workflow a lot easier when working with differing sheet metal thicknesses.

Autodesk has really got a good thing going with regards to their ideastation.  Some great ideas are coming from the users and you can see it coming through.  One of the irritations for me was the Inventor connected design as well as the mini-toolbar.  I did not see any value in this and a lot of people thought so too.  They stuck it up as a request on the ideastation.  It has not been deleted from Inventor but it has been switched off as a default.  If you did enjoy and used those 2 features then you can still open it from your application options.