What’s new Inventor 2020 – Extrude


To engage with a command like Extrude, Inventor has traditionally used the dialog box to navigate the controls.

For a while you were also able to use the mini toolbar in tandem with the dialog box and that just irritated users to bits and pieces.

Autodesk never got rid of the mini toolbar they just disabled the view of it.

In Inventor 2020 things have changed…and for the better I might add.

Gone ye olde dialog box and enter ye new properties palette.

With the advent of the 2020 release, Inventor is making it easier and quicker to get results out of commands, from activating to completion.  The Extrude command in question does not give an error when you initiate the command and do not have a sketch first drawn.

If you did not have a visible sketch available in Inventor 2019 when activating the Extrude command, you would be prompted with a warning that you needed a 2D sketch to create the extrude.

Inventor 2020 will now prompt for you to select a plane or face to create a sketch if it is not available and on completion will flow into the extrude command to finish off what you started.

Going back to the mini toolbar, It seems to have disappeared in Inventor 2020.  If you select or unselect the option to have it visible nothing happens.  I know many people who will be celebrating this and maybe some who will not.  But why have the option when it is not available?

Maybe Autodesk will fix it in an update or patch.  For me I am happy for it to be gone.