Whats New Inventor 2020 – Frame Generator


Frame Generator has been seeing lots of love from the Autodesk Team.  In 2019 it was the naming convention before saving the files and in 2020 you get end caps. (maybe we will see structural connections in 2021…)

The new Insert End Cap command allows you to close off the ends of the structural members you are inserting.

To use the end caps you first need to install the custom content center library.

As with the other frame generator commands you have control over  position, profile shape and thickness from the new properties panel which it now utilises as well.

Before you ask….yes you can create your own custom end caps

As with the other profiles in the frame generator you are able to easily modify the naming convention.

The notch command has also been updated.  Remember the tediousness of adding notches one.at.a.time.  No More!  You are able to create notches on several frames in one operation saving you an immense amount of clicks which in turn translates to saving time and money.

When placing a frame in the assembly environment you have more visual options in placing.

Have you ever looked at the preview of the frame on the skeleton and wondered “when I change the position of the profile or rotate it using the commands in the properties panel, which way is it going to go.”

In Inventor 2019 it was a bit of a guess because there was not really any major visual indicator.

Inventor 2020 now has In-Canvas Orientation Tools which allow you to directly manipulate a frame member during placement or during a frame member editing process.

By clicking and dragging on the arrows you are able to move the frame horizontally and vertically.  Once in position you can select one of the white dots which will re position that dot onto the position of the movement arrows.

The arrow directly above the horizontal/vertical movement arrows allows one to rotate the frame around the origin.

The Lengthen/Shorten command also utilises the new properties panel and also allows for asymmetrical modifications. In the new properties panel the preview panel really allows for easier identification of what will change.

As with the Notch command ,the Miter Command also utilises the new property panel as well as allowing the selection of multiple ends before clicking on that OK button.

Once again Autodesk doing a great job in increasing the prowess of Autodesk Inventor.