Whats New Inventor 2020 – My favourite feature


Inventor received some modern UI (user interface) enhancements in the 2020 release.  This is in line with updating the software to appeal to users as we all love shiny new things and boy is Inventor shiny!!

Apart from the UI upgrade the Inventor software has also added some handy features which many users will welcome with open arms.

The one I am the most excited about is the new sweep with solid functionality.  It was first hinted at about 2 years ago but because there were still a few questions from users beta testing the feature, it was not released until 2020.

This is fantastic as you can see through this that Autodesk is really listening to their user base.  They have been burnt in the past (who can remember AutoCAD 13 or can I say who wants to forget AutoCAD 13) and they are striving, especially in the Inventor community to bring out the best in the software with as little bugs as possible.  Unfortunately we will never get rid of all the bugs before release (something will always be missed) but the Autodesk team does work very hard at it.

For instance the first hotfix has been released for 2020 already.  These developers are on the ball.

Back to the sweep command.

Inventor has the ability to sweep a solid tool body.  This functionality was tested vigorously by the users in the beta arena.  My colleague here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa helped with the testign of this so I am pleased to announce that Micrographics had a hand in the development.   The tool body itself can be any shape, and the sweep can both remove and add geometry.

A fantastic tool for a fantastic program.