Whats new Inventor 2020 – Unwrap and multi monitor


Have you ever had a really complex shape that needed to be flattened but when clicking on flat pattern in the sheetmetal environment the darn thing did not flatten?

I have and trying to tell the client that it was not possible was not always the easiest of conversations as some of you might be aware of.  People just don’t like to hear the word no.

Inventor 2020 has now included an unwrap tool which allows you to flatten nearly any set of faces into a flat surface.  These are faces that typically would not be able to be flattened by either the unfold or create flat pattern.  The surface that is created can be displayed in a drawing for documentation or exported for use further down the process.

How many designers have 2 monitors and how many designers have deployed every single trick in the book to get Inventor to act as though it was made for 2 monitors.  Many and they have done so by opening up 2 sessions of inventor or streeeeeeetched their Inventor session over 2 monitors but it just never looks right.

Step up 2020 and take a bow.  Due to the many requests from Inventor users on the Ideastation, Autodesk has finally included this functionality into their latest release.

So come on what are you waiting for.  Go out and buy that latest 4K monitor and see your designs come to life over multiple monitors. (not just 2)