Whats New Inventor 2022.2 Assembly and Part environment


Every few months Autodesk releases either an update or bug fixes for it’s CAD software. Autodesk recently released the Inventor 2022.2 update.

For the assembly environment we now have the ability to select multiple cells in the Bill of Materials and modify the content in one operation. You are also able to detlete all text in a multiple cells at once. This does not include read only cells.

If you are using derived components you now also have the ability to open the base part directly from the assembly. This is available through the right click menu and when the browser is set to the model view.

Enhancements in the part environment include being able to utilise all the viwing command tools whilst the rotate at angle command is active. You are also able to slelect surface bodies while usinig the make components command is activated.

If you have been annoyed that the sketch command does not automatically activate when trying to create a sheet metal face when no visible sketch is available, this functionality has been introduced in this release.

One of my favourites is being able to rename the body name when you creating a new feature. This saves an immense amount of time as previously you would have to navigate to the solids or surface folders at the top of your browser and then click twice (slowly) to activate the rename function.

This feature is available for Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Coil and Thicken.

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