Woodwork for Inventor – Getting Started Part 1


Woodwork for Inventor (W4I) is a great companion to Inventor.  Focused on Woodworkers it greatly enhances and automates the process.  To get started you will need to model up the basic shape of what you are going to create.  So if you have a cabinet that will be 680 x 600 x 1500 then you create a box like extrusion with those parameters.

This is the skeleton of our cabinet and the start of something so easy anyone can start designing cabinets.

Before you continue you can create some user parameters which makes it easier when changing values (say for instance the panel thickness.

I would suggest creating height, width, length and panel_thickness.  (remember no spaces for user parameter names)

You will notice that there is a Woodwork Design and Skeleton Dress Up tab now present on the ribbon.   Select the Skeleton Dress Up tab and click on the Dress Up button.

Woodwork for Inventor

This presents you with the following floating dialog box.

Woodwork for Inventor

Select Skeleton Body is for the extrusion.  It will turn blue and see through.  (basically surfaces)

Then you are able to select the faces that you would like to attach panels too.  You can also select all and deselect all.

You also have the ability to select the panel being extruded to the inside, outside or both ways equally.  For the thicknes, I would then select the user parameter that was created (panel_thickness) and then you click ok or apply.  You will notice that 6 bodies have been created automatically.  These bodies are the initial box extrusion we created plus the 5-panel bodies that were created from dress up.  Voila, there you have it.  You have started a new cupboard design in a few easy and quick steps.

Woodwork for Inventor

In the following blogs, we will discuss how to modify the panels and apply materials for realism and manufacturing/BOM purposes.