Woodwork for Inventor – Getting Started Part 5


Adding materials is a little different to the way that native Inventor adds materials.  Selecting the Woodwork Design tab gives some more options.

On the Material assign panel, you can click on either the Assign button, the Laminated board button, the Veneer button or the Edge Band button.

You have the option to select a fill or cover material.  The fill material can be a multilayer material as well.  The cover material will be you r veneer or edge banding.

Woodwork for Inventor

You can filter to your preferred material very quickly by typing in the name or code.

With the material selected on the Material selection dialogue box select the part that you would like to apply that material too.  If you do not have any parts selected and click on apply, all the parts in the assembly will have that material assigned to it.

With the edge banding, you are able to choose the thickness as well as if the material is applied on top of the fill material or inserted into the fill area.  This does make a difference when pulling out a report for your BOM’s and cutting lengths.

If there is a grain on the material it will by default be in the direction of the longest length on the part.  You are able to change that as well.

Oversizing the part is also available either by clicking on the individual parts and then inputting a value or by specifying it as a default for a specific material.