Autodesk Fusion – Bill of Materials


It has arrived. Fusion has introduced Bill of Materials to its stable. This is a huge improvement to a software as it helps Fusion mature towards becoming a complete package.

If you are opening your Fusion right now and not seeing the Bill of Materials button, do not fear. There might be a few reasons why this has not occurred yet. The first is that you are not on the latest Fusion version. To check select the view job status button and click on Update Now.

One that is done you will see the Bill of Materials button available in your Assemble panel.

This tool allows you to create complete BOM’s. Other non CAD users will be able to interact with your BOM data as well and they do not even have to be in the same office as everything is on the Cloud. As your design evolves your BOM will evolve as well making sure everything is synced and you do not have any outdated information being populated as you would if you were passing around an excel spreadsheet which was captured a week ago.

Once again Fusion has introduced an extremely powerful feature which will benefit us immensely.

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