Autodesk Fusion Fastener Library


If you are an Inventor user one of the the great features that it has is the ability to insert bolts, nuts ad washers directly from the content center library. Inventor also has a feature called autodrop which when you hover your cursor over the hole, will be able to identify how big the hole is and insert the appropriate size bolt into it.

Autodesk Fusion unfortunately did not have this feature until very recently and it is a great addition to the software. If the Insert fastener icon is greyed out, make sure that you are in a Team Hub and not your personal Hub.

To get started you can select the Bolt or screw option and you will be presented with the following options.

Once you select the Bolt or Screw that you want to start with, you can hover your mouse cursor over the hole that you created and Autodesk Fusion will start working it’s magic. It will automatically size the bolt to the hole, identify any similar holes on the same plane as the initial hole selected and then you can take it from there for any other modifications that you see fit.

Once this is created you can go back and add any washers and nuts that you see fit for the design. So what are you waiting for. If you love Bolted connection in Inventor you will love Fasteners in Autodesk Fusion.

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