Autodesk Fusion Fasteners

Autodesk Fusion introduced the Fasteners features a few months ago. If you are an Inventor user and are not familiar with the term think content centre and Bolted connectors.

To start using the fasteners feature you need to be in a Team hub and not your personal Hub otherwise the icon will be greyed out.

When inserting a fastener, you will have the option of inserting a Bolt and Screw, a Nut or a Bolt. When inserting a bolt you get the the following options.

If you have inserted McMaster Carr components you will know there is great filtering system to drive you to the fastener that you want. Fusion works the same as it allows you to start filtering out what standard you want, if you want to work with Imperial or Metric units and once that is done you will be able to select your bolt or nut or washer much more easily without having to wade through masses of data.

Once the fastener has been selected yo will get an image of what the fastener looks like with all the pertinent dimension on it. As in the below image you will also be able to modify any of the parameters tat have been made available such as nominal length, material or Finish. You also have the option to change the Part number as well as the Description.

Expanding the Properties drop down will showcase all the fastener that you have created as per the below image.

As you can see Autodesk Fusion is coming along at leaps and bounds really giving the old traditional big 3D CAD software a run for their money.

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