Autodesk Fusion Parts List


When creating an assembly in Autodesk Fusion one would generally need a parts list and balloons to identify which part is which. Autodesk Fusion has this capability in the form of tables in the 2D environment.

To create a parts list, you will first need to create a base view of your assembly. This can be the fully intact assembly or an exploded view which you can create in the animation workspace.

Once you have created your first view you will select either the automated table option or you can select the parts list table option. The automated table option will either create a parts list or a bend table depending on what has been created on your sheet. The parts list will create a parts list based on the assembly, animation or sheet metal component you have created on your sheet. When placing your parts list you have the option to specify the structure of the parts list to be first level or all levels. With first level, you will only see the first level structure of your assemblies. For instance sub assemblies will be shown but the components that make up the sub assembly will not be shown. All levels will show all the components in your assembly that you have created.

A parts list is not a Bill of Materials but it does give a good indication of what is needed to create an assembly. If you want to create a Bill of Materials, there are apps in the Autodesk Appstore which will assist with that.

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