Autodesk Fusion – Working offline


Autodesk Fusion is a late comer (relatively speaking) to the 3D CAD world but it has really surged forwards, becoming a front runner as a fantastic piece of modeling software which is breaking boundaries left right and centre.

If you did not know (and now you do), Fusion does not save your files on your local hard drive but rather in the Cloud. This is not not a problem but what if you do not have an internet connection?

If you are working and you lose connectivity does your file become corrupt as you were working on a model in the Cloud? No. Fusion will give the warning (in the below image) and give you the option to work offline. Some of the Cloud based features will be unavailable eg running simulations but your general modelling features will be. Once connected back to the internet your software will be fully functional again

What do you do if you know you will not have internet connectivity and need to work on a model? You are able to cache the model (see below image) to your local machine and then you will be able to design to your hearts content. Once again when you are connected to the internet again you will be able to save your files and move to the next job.

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