Fusion 360 and Woodwork Design


Fusion 360 is a great software tool when it comes to mechanical design. Recently I have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding performing woodwork design with Fusion 360. Can it be done? How easy is it? How can I create my woodwork specific Bill of Materials with the software?

With Fusion 360 (nearly) anything is possible. Creating the woodwork components and applying materials is pretty simple. Solid pieces of wood is a breeze in Fusion 360 and with the new ability to place fasteners directly into multiple holes on the same plane is a game changer in my opinion. If you have not experienced this new functionality, and have utilised Inventor, it is very similar to inserting bolts with the autodrop functionality. Where a little bit of work will need to be done is when applying components like edge banding or veneer covers if you were doing cabinetry. This would need to be modeled up with increases or decreases in your base component taken into account if you want to account for the cut lengths in your Bill of Materials.

Fusion 360 does have an ace up its sleeve when it comes to designing in specialist fields as it were. If you are looking at getting a bit more functionality for Fusion 360, Autodesk offers the Extensions. These assist with functionality like nesting, or simulation or advanced CAM. When it comes to Woodwork, the extensions do not account for this but you are able to find the product JoinerCAD in the Autodesk app store. This app store is very similar to your Android and Apple store for you phones and caters specifically for Autodesk CAD software and offering enhancements in the specified Autodesk software.

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