Fusion 360 – Configurations


Fusion 360 has really upped it’s game with the September 2023 update. With this release we get to see the Configurations feature. If you are an Inventor user you would see this as something like either iParts and iAssemblies or Model States.

Having iParts, iAssemblies and Model States really set Inventor up above Fusion 360 but with this new Configuration feature the gap is getting smaller and smaller.

Configurations can be setup to work either with parts or assemblies and like the Model States in Inventor all the different variations are saved within the one file. Starting off with your base design, Configurations will allow the user to modify the following within the design.

  • User Parameters
  • Feature Parameters
  • Suppression of features
  • Visibility
  • Physical Material
  • Appearance
  • Sheet Metal Rules
  • Plastic Rules
  • Properties

Once you have created your Configurations you will be able to utilise the Configurations in the different environment of Fusion 360. In these workflows you will be able to insert or derive your configuration into another design. Create detail 2D drawings for all your configurations. Create a special configuration for a simulation study or create a special configuration for an exploded storyboard in your presentation environment. These configurations can also be used in the generative and manufacturing workspaces.

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