Fusion 360 – Create components


Fusion 360 is very similar to AutoCAD in the fact that everything is created in one space, be it your sketches, bodies, components/parts or sub-assemblies. Unlike Inventor where you would have all you parts and sub-asssemblies linking into one main assembly, Fusion has all in one environment.

When you start off in Fusion 360, you will create a 2D sketch which you will want to fully constrain (you will not be allowed to move the sketched object or change it’s shape by dragging geometry). Once this is done you can start on your 3D feature, being an extrude, revolve or even the sheet metal flange feature.

As you can see from the above image, you are able to create either a new body or component right from the word go. If you are not sure whether you are going to make this feature a component, then you can keep it as a body and then later convert it to a body by selecting the body in the browser, right clicking on the body and selecting Create Components from Bodies.

An alternative way to create a component is to right click on the nam of te document in the browser an select create new component.

This brings up another dialog box (see image below) which allows you to either create a standard (solid) component or a sheet metal component. You have an option for an internal or external(referenced) component. If you have already created the bodies that will represent this component, then you have the option to select it as well.

With the sheet metal option you it will further allow you to select the rule guiding the thickness of your part, k-factor as well as how it bends at corners and reliefs.

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