Fusion 360 Manage Extension


Over the last few weeks I have got myself stuck into Fusion 360 Manage Extension. Knowing about Fusion Manage, the PLM software package offered by Autodesk I was expecting a little bit more so If you are thinking about purchasing Fusion Manage Extension, research first and test to see if it will fulfill your needs.

I found Fusion Manage Extension (FMU) to be a stripped down version of Fusion Manage. The reasons are that the website that runs FMU states that it is Manage PLM but there are a lot of features and drop down options that are not available at all.

When I first heard of Fusion Manage Extension I thought at least it would have Bill of Material management in it as stated when you look at the option to activate it in Fusion 360.

This got me very excited as this is the one feature that I believe Fusion 360 is lacking when I chat to users about whether to go Fusion or Inventor (Inventor wins on BOM’s hands down) Imagine my disappointment when I got into the software and there was no BOM.

So what does Fusion Manage have to offer users?

Change Management, Release Management and User Management. These 3 features are what mainly drives Fusion 360 Manage Extension and what it has been pre-configured for and in my opinion it does it really well.

So if you are in the market for a quick and easy change and release management, Fusion 360 Manage Extension is a great tool to get you and your business up and running with that respect.

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