Fusion 360 Service Utility


Fusion 360 is a fantastic program but every so now and again (like any software) it will not open and start giving weird error messages and we need to know how to fix it.

One of the main error messages that might pop up as you try and start the program is the following.

Fusion360.exe-System Error

The code execution cannot proceed because Qt5Core_Ad_5.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

Fusion 360 has a repair function which can be accessed via the Fusion 360 Service Utility.

This utility is accessed either by holding down the ctrl and shift buttons at the same time and then double clicking on the Fusion desktop icon to start up the program. If this does not work then you will need to navigate to your control panel and add/remove apps or programs, select Autodesk Fusion 360 and click on change.

Once this is done the first thing to try is reinstall or repair your Fusion 360 installation. If that does not fix your issue you can navigate through to the Contact Support page and log a case either through email or telephone for Autodesk to get back to you.

If you cannot find a solution a clean uninstall and reinstall of Fusion 360 might be necessary to fix your issue to get back to designing your products.

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