Fusion 360 – Simulation and Tokens


Are you currently utilising Fusion 360 to run simulations? If you updated without reading what’s new as most would do, you might have run into a message that might Illicit a sense of unease.

Fusion 360 is moving all of it’s solve capabilities into the cloud in September and what do you know September creeped up very quickly as we are here already! Autodesk has taken the decision to improve the performance (this is obvious as cloud computing would definitively outperform you local compute) as well as the device flexibility for Fusion 360.

If you have always used the local solve the process to setup your model is exactly the same. You create your constraints, change the material if needs be and mesh your components. Once this is done you can hit the solve button!

The above dialog box will pop up and as you can see there is no charge (consumption of cloud credits). The value is 0 for Static stress simulations. Now lets try a modal analysis. From the image below you will notice that 3 cloud credits are required to complete this simulation.

What does this mean for you? You will now need to pay for each and every simulation you run except for the Static stress simualtions.

If you need tokens for your simulations you are able to purchase them through your local reseller.

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