Fusion Manufacturing Turning toolsets

We are going to have a look at what some of the different toolsets are in the Turning tab, and how they can be Utilized.

In the Turning Panel we are going to have a look at the following toolsets that are used in the machining stages:

  • Turning Face
  • Turning Profile
  • Turning Groove
  • Turning Adaptive

Let’s have a look at these toolsets and what they entail.

Turning Face: This creates a machining stage to cut the front side of the Part.

Turning Profile has two different stages to choose from, the Roughing and the Finishing stages. The Roughing Stage removes the bulk of the material from the outside of the material, the inner diameter of the material or face profiles, and the finishing stage finishes the Part.

We do have a few different Grooving stages we can follow, the Roughing, the Finishing, Single Groove and Turning Groove.

The normal Turning Groove enable either Roughing or Finishing the part using the groove tools.

As per the Roughing and Finishing stages, shows that the rough stages, leaves material as it only removes the bulk of the material, and the finished stage will take the final cut to give you the final Product. This allows the tool to enter a groove to remove the material depth or width first.

The Turning Single Groove Toolset works a little bit differently. This will be used for machining grooves at selected positions only, for instance the backside for threading.

Turning Adaptive is a Roughing Stage where the tool removes most of the material from the part in both directions.

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