Fusion360 – An Introduction


Fusion360 is the new(ish) kid on the block. A journey that started from Inventor Fusion many moons ago has matured into a product that can hit all the right notes in so many different situations.

The designs that have been created with this software package are vast and it is amazing to see how designers from all walks of life have embraced it with a passion not seen since the early days of CAD.

Many people have strayed from their preferred package and ventured into Fusion 360. From hobbyists to startups to large commercial ventures, Fusion 360 has enticed people from all over the globe as they see the benefits of this software package which contains so much power at a fraction of the cost of a more traditional 3D CAD software.

One of those traditional 3D CAD packages is Inventor and even though I see Fusion 360 as the little brother, it really stands up on it’s own.

It has everything that you want in 3D CAD, from your traditional parametric sketch and feature environment (Extrude,Revolve,Sweep) to give your 2D a Z direction to direct modelling without that rigid feature history to really get your model humming with no care in the world. Pack on an assembly environment for motion and analysis and you really have got an amazing little miracle.

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