Inventor Content Center Customisation


Inventor has a great set of libraries that come stock standard with the initial installation. These nuts and bolts etc help to finalise a design with standard parts that you would normally purchase from another company that specialises in the manufacture of these parts. For you to create these parts would take up a lot of your valuable designing time but there might be an issue with the data that comes with it like the part number, description, stock number etc.

This is a major reason why many people do not use the content center as is and would rather create their own nut and bolts and use it in a library folder that is present in the project file mappings.

Now there is nothing wrong with this but you are missing out on the awesome power of the content center and what it has to offer. If you find yourself in a situation where the data residing in the content center parts differs from what your company uses you can always make a copy of the files and then edit the to make them your own. You might think that this is a very long and tedious process but it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to modifying data in table format Excel is your friend and that is exactly how the content center is able to modify the data, in Excel. Once the data has been changed in Excel, you save and close the file which will then update the data residing in your parts. Now you can use the parts from content center with your custom data.

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